Why Solaron?

Our Solaron "Mink" blankets are manufactured in Republic of Korea and Vietnam. We call them "mink blankets" to describe their incredible softness. These are actually "faux mink" blankets as they are not real mink fur. 

They are made predominately out of acrylic, a synthetic fiber known for its cashmere-like softness. A small percentage of polyester is added for wrinkle resistance. A typical blend is 85% acrylic and 15% polyester. 

All "mink blankets" are not created equal. There are many China manufacturers who mass produce mink blankets to flood these blankets out to the market today. Most of these China manufactured blankets are very low quality. There are Chinese manufactured blankets calling them as "Korean blankets". 

Please be cautious when you buy your blankets. Keep in mind that other manufacturer's blanket lines cannot be compared to our Solaron blanket lines. Other blankets are simply are not as thick or plush as ours. Also, most other blanket designs are not vibrant as ours. If you check our blankets, they colors are vibrant on both sides when other cheaper blankets may have vibrant designs on the front but not on the back as they look very faced and worn due to less acrylic used on the back of the blankets. 

Solaron blankets are machine washable and holds up beautiful qualify when laundered. Without any exaggeration, our blankets should last at least minimum of ten years if these are properly cared. They will not shed, pill or get fuzzy. 

Solaron acrylic mink blankets are know to be the one of the finest blankets in the world. They simply cannot be compared to other cheaper brands. Please keep this in mind when you decide on which blank lines you would like to be in your store to shine.